To blog or not to blog…

Way back in 2011, at a Society for General Microbiology conference I attended a session on social media in science. The speakers had a tough audience, I think its not unfair to suggest many academics don’t particularly like the idea of twitter or blogging, but it was their job to convince them.

I was immediately hooked on the idea, having always been a fan of talking about science to anybody who will listen, and a big tech fan, I decided I would (partially) embrace the idea. I asked a question in the Q&A about why bother if you don’t have any followers? and was told you only get followers by trying…

So I went away and set up my ‘professional’ twitter account (@microbioeduguy). As promised, I started to get followers, and now have what I would describe as a nice number, I am very happy I decided to take the plunge and start tweeting about science, education and science communication (along with a little other random stuff!). 

At the time I also set up a blog, with the great idea to start writing about the stuff I found fascinating, talking about science and education in more than 160 characters. However, for some reason, the blog never made it past my ‘to-do’ list. That is, until now…

Now I am nearing the end of my PhD (in science education and science communication) and have a little more experience with sci comm and an even greater/broader love for science and science education, I think its time!

So I plan this to be the first of many (hopefully interesting) blog posts on various topics (mostly science that fascinates me and things that annoy me), and no doubt will soon become a firm believer in the blog just as I did with Twitter.


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